MacBat AB

Founded in Arvika, Sweden (1998-2013), MacBat AB developed the technology for regeneration (desulphation) of industrial lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries. The technology (software + hardware) together with the working protocol were pioneers in the market.
MacBat Technology was first used by Barloworld Material Handling in the United Kingdom and it has successfully expanded to more than 30 countries.

Macbatec regeneración

Diagram of preventive desulphation to double the lifespan of traction batteries and triple the lifespan of stationary batteries. This increase in the lifespan is conditional upon following the working protocol as established by Macbat-Macbatec®.

Macbatec, Best battery economy

Following the closure of MacBat in 2014, we, the senior specialist staff, decided to continue developing the technology to regenerate batteries. We have improved its effectiveness and efficiency and we are continuing sales under the renewed brand: MACBATEC

Evolution of the battery desulphator regenerator

Macbat BRC-100 1st Generation

MacBat BRC-100
1st Generation

Macbat BRC-100 2nd Generation

MacBat BRC-100
2nd Generation

Macbat BRC-100 3rd Generation

MacBat BRC-100
3rd Generation

Macbat Midi 1.0

Macbat Midi 1.0



Nowadays, MACBATEC 2.0 and newer models offer complete automation, which perfects the regeneration process and maximizes the financial gain.


Administrative Office:
LG de Barcia, 10
27656 Navia de Suarna
Lugo, (Spain)
+34 982 365 233 (Sales) (Technical Support) (Management)